About me

Apart from being a UX designer, I also enjoy playing soccer and chess. I truly believe that UX is just like any other sport. You have a bunch of rules in your head, a particular approach from the user's point of view, your domain knowledge and trends and then common sense. You combine these and apply this approach/method/technique/process into situations. As a UX designer, I like to experience how the product feels and more so enjoy the fact that my decisions will help the user and the business satisfy their goals. In more than 2 years at Wolfram Research, I've worked on various technologies and platforms, applying a combination of proven UX methods and my philosophy, to produce an output that provides the best experience to the user.

Creating concepts

Every great design starts with an idea/concept. An idea is what forms the fundamental parts. It's very important that all the fundamental parts are well defined and working.

Visualizing ideas

The best way to present an idea is to visualise it. It makes your idea alive. In many cases, visualisation helps users understand the story that a business wants to tell them.

Building Products

Building products is my passion. It's more than just design. It's about understanding the company and its clients. It's about complex processes and joinery to achieve success.

Improving UX

User experience is an essential part of the service/product nowadays. Creating experience starts with the value proposition. After that comes usability-how easy a product is to use.



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